VIM colorscheme for MAC 10.8 Mountain lion

Let’s make our code more readable adding a colorscheme to our Vim editor.

Get the color scheme

Select the colorscheme you wish, in this example I’m using Jellybeans based on the Twilight theme.
Download the colorscheme and save it in the folder “~/.vim/colors/”
if the folders don’t exist create them:

mkdir ~/.vim
mkdir ~/.vim/colors

Create the Vim configuration file

Once the colorscheme has been downloaded and stored in the right place:


We will need to create the Vim default configuration file

touch ~/.vimrc

This file will be loaded every time you use Vim.
Now we need to edit the file:

vim ~/.vimrc

Add our colorscheme and the following lines:

filetype plugin indent on
syntax on
:color jellybeans

That’s all, now open any file using Vim and see the result.

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